I love how some of the search engines out there randomly change their welcome screen based on holidays, notable events, or pop culture.

Google has famously worked in their name into the artwork. Have your students make their own Google welcome illustration that shows something about them or their interests. Below is an example of the Google screen from August 12, 2010 featuring the Wizard of Oz. Notice how the first G is worked into the trees while the second is part of the yellow brick road, the L is the Emerald City and the E is etched into the mountain slope.


Here is a sample from the anniversary of Rosa Parks and her experience on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama.


ThingLink is a great way for students to share their work. Take a photo of an art wall and have students tag their work and share the motivation or inspiration to their efforts. The teacher can present the overall theme of the project, then student contributions can personalize it. Zip to the ThingLink by creating a QR code that redirects the viewer from their smartphone.