Here are some fun Internet "get to know you" ideas for the beginning of the year:

Graffiti Creator allows students to design their name or other text into graffiti art. Images can be saved to their drive. Here is a sample:

ABCYa Word Cloud is just like Wordle but it is more kid-friendly. It offers font choices, colors, layouts and you can randomize (where you get pot luck from the computer mixing and matching designs). Here is a sample:

Vokis are fun to make and if your class already had the full lesson in making them last year, this is a quick way to creatively introduce themselves to their new classmates. If this is the first time many of your students have tried this web tool, I would suggest saving it for a tech product later in the year to get the most bang for your buck. NOTE: A free account is needed to make these. I set up a junk mail account through gmail and shared it with my students so they could get in for their project. Once the project is complete go back in and change the password.

ThingLink introductions that include video clips, podcasting, photos, text and other biographical information about yourself or students.