Book Trailers are a fantastic way to entice readers into wanting to take on a new book. They are basically commercials and integrate images with music to set up the plot, introduce the characters then leave the viewer wanting more.

Here are two examples of Bluebonnet nominees for 2010.

Requirements for a successful product:
1. Read the book and take notes of key events (notice this one includes a typewriter, the exterior of the home, what the creator thinks Olive looks like - since she's a ghost - and the crodgety old grump who moves in for the summer)
2. Sequence the story and roll out the plot without spoiling anything with a storyboard.
3. Locate images through the Creative Commons sites and document where the images came from (you will see how this creator did it at the end of their slideshow) so you can include the citations at the end of your presentation.
4. Create a title page introducing the book/author/illustrator, add a slide for student name, upload images, arrange the order, add the citations, and SAVE! You're done!

Classroom/Technology Integration:
This is an excellent tool to promote readership within a class, to link aspects of the book that the reader felt personally connected to, highlight critical aspects of the author's story arc, and addressing copyright laws.