"Bookmarking" is a special internet term that lets you organize your "favorites." Sometimes you have some favorites on your home computer and sometimes you have different ones at work. By using a bookmarking site, you can keep all your favorites in one place, so no matter where you are - the computer lab, your classroom, your home, Africa - you can always find what you need!

You can share bookmark links with others (which is what the term "social bookmarking" means) so they can view your favorites and you can view theirs. This is great for team planning, planning between campuses, or working with Curriculum and Instruction teams.

www.symbaloo.com: There homepage states: "Symbaloo can be used as a startpage, your personal desktop for the internet. With Symbaloo, you can now create your own desktop on internet, including your favorite websites and sources. The advantage is that you can navigate easily to the most important websites, without remembering the links. Just try to click on one of the coloured blocks. You will see that it is possible to search from the centerbox in useful websites, such as Google or Youtube. Much more is possible with Symbaloo. Listening to the radio, reading the news or reading to your new mail quickly… If you click on an empty grey field, you will enter a new world of blocks! Screen shot below!


http://delicious.com/: This site is not quite as pretty, but holds a ton of information. I like how you can "tag" the type of link it is. For instance, if you like multiplication.com, you can tag it for "math" and "multiplication." This way, if you are planning or trying to provide helpful sites for students or parents, you can call up any site you connected to math or multiplication and they will appear in one list outside of all of the favorites you loaded. Here is a screen shot: