Creating videos for your Flipped Classroom sounds daunting, but it really isn't. A stutter or mispoken word is not a big deal. Do not rerecord twenty times for perfection, just make sure your message is clear to your listener.

EDUCreations is an amazing app that allows you to use the iPad to capture video and vocal presentations. The app is fool proof and coaches you every step of the way:

To create a new lesson:
  1. Select New Lesson
  2. You can upload an image from Photos, Dropbox, or a webpage (you won't see text, just images) or keep the screen as a white board
  3. If you press T the recording will pause so you can type in the text you want
  4. Press record and begin your lesson.
  5. Click Done when finished
  6. Save your lesson by giving it a title and any details you may want to include.
  7. Choose who can view your lesson (private or public)
  8. Save the Subject Area you want to identify the lesson with (automatically includes All)

To view an archive of shared lessons, look at the bottom of the page and click Featured

Here are two examples for fifth grade showing a math lesson on Mode. The first uses the white board only. The second uses an upload from Dropbox.