In the simplest terms, think "Facebook at school." Teachers and students create profiles and connect through closed accounts (Think about how you "like" things on Facebook, students add you as a Fan Page so they can receive your posts).

  • You can add classrooms for departmentalized teachers
  • Small groups for lit circles
  • Collaborative pages for research projects

Other features include quizzing, polls, and blogging. Students can turn in assignments by uploading to their Edmodo account.

Parents can get in on the fun too! By creating their account they are informed of the things you or their student posts. Other children are protected from "outsiders."

Here are some instructions to get you rolling:

Here are some BOY tips from the Edmodo site for kicking off Edmodo while getting to know your new class:
As you head back to school and get your students set up on Edmodo, consider trying one of the following activities your first day of class:
  1. One Thing I Want to Learn This Year: On the first day of school, post a question on Edmodo as homework. Ask them to respond to the whole class with one thing they are looking forward to learning this year.
  2. All About Me: Create an “All About Me” presentation via the digital tool of your choice (Glog, prezi, sliderocket, etc.). The students AND teacher should each create one to embed and share on Edmodo. Have students (and teachers) post comments and connections.
  3. Scavenger Hunt: If students are new to Edmodo, have them do a scavenger hunt in Edmodo and include activities such as posting to the group, their teachers, and replying to several polls that tell about who is in the group.
  4. The Buddy System: To help break the ice with new and returning students, use the small group feature to put students together in groups of 3-4 that included both returning and new students. Ask them to use the small groups to help one another with questions, support, and study groups.
  5. Daily warm-ups: Post an interesting article, video clip, poll, etc. for them to view (in class or at home depending on the technology available to your students) and post comments. View this blog post fromLisa Berkery for ideas.
BONUS – Reward Positive Behavior: Motivate students to set up their Edmodo account and complete their first activity by awarding them the Participant badge from the Edmodo Badge collection. Learn more about badges.